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Custom gift wrapping paper comes in many different weights. It is important that you choose a weight that will enable the wrapping paper to be used over without tearing or melting. The higher the weight, the longer the paper will stay together once the package has been wrapped. Of course, the smaller the packages, the less weight the custom gift wrapping paper will need to hold.

When shopping for custom gift wrapping paper, you should pay particular attention to the backing which will determine the overall appearance of the finished product. The most popular back for custom gift wrapping paper includes ribbed brown paper, pink/red ribbon, and white tissue paper. Many shoppers feel that using these backing colors makes their wrapping supplies look more festive. However, some shoppers feel that using these backing colors can cause their fragile tissue paper to tear more easily than plain brown paper.

Another important aspect of purchasing custom gift wrapping paper is the thickness of the paper. Most shoppers feel that thicker paper is warmer and feels nicer to the touch. When choosing custom gift wrap paper, make sure that the paper is thick enough to prevent wrinkling. Many retailers offer samples of their custom wrapping paper in various thicknesses so that customers can decide for themselves which they like the best. The appearance of the finished product will also depend on the pattern used in the wrapping. Some shoppers prefer wedding ribbon, while others may prefer the monogram of their loved one.

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